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You don't really "deal with it". Its been a few years for me, and its not really any easier for me now, then it was when this all started. I have 5 years left to go. You feel isolated, alone, sad, angry, depressed, frustrated. The relief...? Is a 30 minute phone call, a random letter, an email and then none of it matters. I would lose my mind if I couldn't go in person to see my wife. Your entire mindset changes. What clothes can I buy, that I can wear in visitation is a perfect example. You miss that person, all the time. None of it is easy. I made a vow when I said "I do" and I'm not in the business of breaking it. It is the worst experience I've ever went through in my life. But.. I love the shit out of her, and I refuse to abandon her, just like everyone else in her life. I accept the life, because I chose it despite the tears of frustration I get sometimes, when I have to go to bed alone every single night. You are much younger then me (I'm 40 tomorrow), so I know there is no other woman for me. I'd rather have 35 years with her, then 40 years with someone else.

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