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Originally Posted by ladii_luck View Post
You should be okay getting there at 10 to stay for the rest of the day. I have waited 10 minutes to be processed and I have waited 2 hours but those are the extremes so you can usually expect about 35 min to an hour. You can sit next to each other and hold hands. You can both walk to the vending machines - he just has to stay behind the yellow lines.

I understand! It's hard when you're used to one place and they get transferred and you have no idea what you're walking into
Yes! I feel like a little lost puppy dog LOL

Thank you for your help! I think im going to try to be there by 10 and hope for an all day visit as long as I get to see him I will be a happy girl

Im sure I will have more questions before the weekend so I apoligize in advance! Lol

One just came to mind! Lol Do they allow you to bring in clear coin purses for the change? And does the change machine give dollar coins or just quarters?

Would you happen to know how often family visits are?

I swear im not usually this annoying with questions haha thanks AGAIN!!

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