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It's not your fault he started using again. So put that out of your mind. My son is an addict. Trust me when I tell you I've heard every excuse there is. I used to believe him. I thought if I had been a better mom, if I would have done this or that, he wouldn't use. It doesn't matter what I did or didn't do. He got high because he was an addict. The same is true with your bf.

I don't know if you have nar anon where you live, it's a group for loved ones of addicts, but if you do, you should go. There you learn that it's not your fault. And you learn to cope with what is. The people were always very kind when I went. There is also an online nar anon group. Maybe you could google it.

It's hard dealing with an addicted lo, it makes you crazy. It would help to have support. Hugs.
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