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Smile Soon enough to dare to dream

Today they told me
that it could happen soon.
I'll see you and you'll see me.
Now I can't stop imagining,

That I'm beholding you again
in my daydream, on repeat.
When they opened up your door,
they freed me too, to fantasy.

Seeing you for real
ain't what really matters, cuz
I can see you any time,
in my backward-forward mind.

And what you look like now,
doesn't really matter;
yellow eyes, black teeth,
or bright red battle scars.

It's knowing that you're safe,
and knowing that you know I'm safe,
and knowing that I care you're safe...
and all that infinite regress,

will collapse into one
questionIess inflection point,
when finally I see you
and you can see me too.

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