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Originally Posted by Shereez View Post
Hello Ladies,
I have a question. To send money order to inmate, do I send in same envelope as letter or is the a separate place I send it to. Is this how everyone sends money these days? It's been a long time since I have done all this and I have been reading that you can do it online also. Any of you use that route of sending money. - Inmate lookup, send money, Department of Corrections

This is who I use, the fees went up 30 days ago. They are reliable I've never had any issues with them. I put money on a Monday and he had it Thursday. I have only used them to send money. You need to register, check out the website.

As far as sending a MO you can send it in the same letter, the clerk will remove it and send it to accounting. Make sure you put his name and cdc# on the MO. If he owes restitution they will keep 55% of the money you send, regardless of the method you use.
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