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Default Social security

If you really are serious about leaving your local police have programs that will relocate you as well because of domestic violence you can have your social changed as well use a different name.
Its worth it ..

Originally Posted by JTJwife View Post
In 105 days my husbAnd will be released from prison. He will flatten his sentence.

There was quite a bit of domestic, emotional, financial, mental violence before he went to prison. Yes, I was afraid of him then and am still afraid of him now. I have thought of leaving before he gets out of prison. One of the problems I cannot figure out is how to keep him from finding me.

He has my date of birth, my social security number. All he has to do is a credit check to find me.......ok, so it may take a little longer, but he would find me. He knows people, car tag information, mail me a letter and have it returned with a correct address....there are many ways. How to stay hidden.

Tim's wife
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