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The best source of information is the DOC. Check the web site. There may be some information there. The second best source would probably be a lawyer who deals in this every day and is expert in the area AND knows who to call at DOC. There are VERY few of those.

As to the 72 hour issue, I never give specific advice over the internet but suffice it to say that unless there is an approved residence plan, depending on the particular offense, DOC is not able to release. There are currently MANY sex offenders still incarcerated past their "out date" because of no approved residence. It is difficult to locate placements for these guys. I don't know what is available in the Lake Charles area and think you would need to check with the Probation and Parole District office in Lake Charles. They should have an agent (or agents) that specialize in supervision of SO and they will know the local conditions.

Good luck. This is a very difficult issue.

Originally Posted by MDenton314 View Post
My father-in-law is incarcerated here in Lake Charles. He will have to register as a sex offender. He is set to be released in May 2014. Our biggest concern is that he keeps telling us that if he does not have housing secured within 72 hours, he will be re-incarcerated. Due to being incarcerated, he has lost everything. All being said, I have a few questions:

1. Who can I contact or where can I get information about the standard procedures a sex offender in the state of Louisiana must follow?

2. Does anyone know of a halfway home that will house sex offenders in this area (Lake Charles)?

3. Is it true in regards to what he is telling us about the 72 hour "rule"?

Thank you so much! I apologize if this does not belong in this forum or has been discussed before.
As always, the above is NOT specific legal advice and is only a general statement of the issues and a general, non-specific statement of my opinion of the law. I do not give any legal advice without having met with the client and certainly not over the internet without an attorney client relationship.

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