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Default I can relate

I understand how you feel it is very difficult to go through too. It has been over 2 years and my son has 4 total so we are half way through. It is still so hard though. The firsts of everything then lead to the times where you can see everyone slowly moving on, without him, and I get so sad. Another birthday, another school year, another Christmas, the sadness has gotten deeper in one way but I am used to how it feels now so it is manageable today. My son was such a good daddy too. Him leaving left a huge unfillable hole in everyone's life.

I will say that acceptance is the key. Until I could accept that he was in prison and that was that I could not move ahead and I needed to for my grandkids sake. I try to focus lately on what I can do for them to make it easier. I wanted to just hide from them everytime I say his family I felt so bad it made me not want to see them but I have to force myself.

My thoughts go with all the mothers and fathers who have children in prison that they can find some peace. MB
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