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Default Parole / New Charges

I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum for this ...

My fiancÚ was on parole and had a parole violation which resulted in his parole being revoked .. He was on federal charges and served his sentence at Colins Bay MIN ..

The same day he was taken into provincial custody (OCDC) for the parole violation, he was also charged with more federal offences

If anyone knows the answer, my question is ;
Do his new charges take precedent over his old charges / federal offence ?

My concern is that he will be held in provincial custody awaiting trial for the new charges, yet he is set to finish the remainder of his federal sentence in the meantime.

Will the resolution of his new charges take precedent over being returned to federal custody after his parole has been revoked ?

Any help is very appreciated !! Thanks in advance !
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