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Originally Posted by jydogbob View Post
Hi, My wife is currently in arrendale. when she was in county we wrote daily. all of my letters went thru except for 1 which i had written a very sexually explicit letter. it got confiscated and put in her property. I have sent several letters to her in prison and as far as i know they have all gotten thru. however i was wondering if they actually read word for word or if they just open the mail and look thru for contraband. what are the limits of what i can say without getting her mail confiscated?

You can't tell what they will read or not sometimes. I sent my son an email that included bios of 2 lawyers so he could decide which he liked. They rejected the email because of content. In the bio of 1 it mentioned that he had handled sex offense cases. Maybe the word sex triggered it but there was no "contraband' in there. Better safe than sorry!
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