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Originally Posted by sidewalker View Post
I'd be very cautious and make sure you can have a weapon before you decide to go ahead. Might even be worth asking your attny about this. Just to be sure and on the safe side.
I do know that with a restraining order they wont let you have any guns, but not sure how long (Ill take your word for it that your time is almost up on that)

And for the love of God, get a license to hunt whatever it is you want to hunt before doing it. Dont need any more trouble.

I've had a hunting license for about 20 years or so, and still haven't gone hunting yet. I mean I finished hunters safety about 20 years ago, and I'm in the system because I bought a hunting license once. I can get a new one very easy. I plan to hunt deer but I'm most interested in hunting pigs. Pig season is open year round and I don't think there is a limit, you can get as many as you have tags for as far as I know. If there is a limit thats fine too, I just want to get like one deer and one pig to really feel like I've done the hunting I've always wanted to. Just going out on a hunt even if I don't get something will still be pretty fun for me. I'm a little interested in getting a bear too, but a bear isn't something I plan to try to get. A bear is more like something I might buy one tag for and if I happen to see one I would want to be prepared to bag it. Another legal thing I've learned more recently is that it used to be that you had to report anything you harvest. What it was, where you got it, and so on. But now there is a new law that says if you have a hunting license you have to report I think once a year even if you don't hunt at all.
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