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Originally Posted by Sunlight1 View Post
You view things through the bible point of view.I don't. I do not belief in the word SIN. We learn and we make mistakes. The word SIN has a negative charge energy.It hits people in the head.It's not the point to do that.That wouldn't be very divine. Besides.I don't think that it's the right forum to have conversations like that.It's a forum for people with loved once in prison, where everybody is having a hard time with it all. Looking for ways to get prisons, places to stay and to talk with others being frustrated.

Besides, We can not behave in a way that we haven't been teach. Besides, inmates are just trying to survive each other and some officers in prison.

Have a great day in your mind.
Christianity developed the notion of original sin. 

Extreme are the psalmistís guilt feelings that he sees himself as sinful even before birth. Evil is a product of human behavior, not a principal inherent in the cosmos. It is the power of moral choice alone, that is Yahweh-like and having that good and bad knowledge is no guarantee that one will choose or incline towards the good. The very action that brought Adam and Eve a god-like awareness of their mortal autonomy, was an action that was taken in opposition to Yahweh. Yahweh knows that that human beings will become like Yahweh, knowing good and bad; itís one of the things about Yahweh, he knows good and bad, and has chosen the good. Human beings, and only human beings are the potential source of evil, responsibility for evil will lie in the hands of human beings.
2 Timothy 2:15, approved where? At the Judgement Seat of the Savior. A workman worthy of Godís praise rightly dividing the word of truth.
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