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Originally Posted by LeBeau View Post
I'm so sorry, Sweetheart, that the weather has screwed up your plans- that's massively annoying and disappointing.
Thanks LeBeau. The visits start at 9am...and don't you know, I woke up at exactly 9am, without an alarm clock or anything....and that was after going to bed at 5am. Crazy. He had another inmate call me to find out if I was okay since I didn't show up this morning.
This month just sux...I've been dealing with a bout of really bad depression; and then earlier this month, we were informed that Cali denied our marriage packet because we weren't explicit enough in details about why he is in prison (we each had to write a statement about it). So, that was one of the issues we were gonna discuss at the visit (are we gonna still try for a Jan wedding, even though it is highly unlikely at this point? if we don't get approved in time, should we do a proxy marriage? if so, how/when/cost? etc etc).
But, now I can't be there to discuss that, or the other issues we need to talk about.

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