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I guess I should update here....earlier in this thread I talked about how Cali denied our marriage packet back in December. We went ahead and did a proxy marriage in January. It was an ORDEAL! Smh. Lol. I posted all about the wedding here:

Also, any that want to see, I posted pix from the visit that weekend when we got married...they are in my "Visits" photo album on my profile here at PTO.

January and February were pretty stressful for me...the week before the marriage, my car broke down. I needed a new motor. So, I had to find a way to scrape together the money for it, because I need my car for work and for school (I commute 30 min one way for class). I finally got my car back last week and am trying to play catch-up in all my classes. Thankfully I have a pretty easy course load this semester. Funny though, normally this sort of situation would have me incredibly stressed and depressed...but even that stuff can't bring me down from the happiness I feel being married to the love of my life. I've been taking his advice and just trusting in Allah, one day at a time, and keeping in mind the promise Allah made to us....that with every difficulty there is relief....and, you know, that has always proven to be true.

"Time as a measurement of love is eternal.
It extends beyond the borders of forever into the depths of infinity.
I love you this and much more."

Finally, happily married to m'love: 1/25/13.

Jeg lærer dansk (for et år) og norsk (for ti uger).

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