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Originally Posted by miami2009 View Post
Hi guys,

I need some urgent legal advice. I feel like I no longer trust the attorneys, the judge, know one, just wanna know the truth you know.

It is concerning a document, that was signed in court, that the d.a. and attorney are now saying that what was written in the document, they do not have to be faithful to it. It is concerning a charge being dropped to a misdemenour. They are saying the d.a. has the right to upgrade it to a felony whenever he pleads, when the defendent only agreed to a probation violation plea on the conditions that the felony was dropped to a misdemenour. I have a copy of the document.

If ANYONE could help at all, or knows anything about Georgia law, please contact me immediately. The defendant has been in jail 10 months now, for something that should have been sorted out in a month. He cannot parole out because of this pending charge.

Thanks guys!!!
I have no clue about Georgia law but you might get better results if you posted this in the Georgia forums.
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