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Originally Posted by 408MoonGem View Post
I love reading you out!

The 1st section I've highlighted out of your post had my head shaking and my eyes super sweaty as I recall having to actually live hell, in my own home - prison to me, was a vacation... growing up I woke up to trouble in my home I was verbally and physically abused by a victim of similar abuse... I do agree prison has a variety of hell in constant urge to destruct, very sad & difficult place to be, for sure! Prison saved me though and helped mold the gal I am today / becoming... sounds like prison saved you too!

The 2nd section I've highlighted, really had me crying... it pains me to think of anyone providing less; for whatever their reasons are

Great Post!

You're a sweetheart. Don't be sad. It all works out in the end. We're all in this together....even the ones that don't so. We're all in this together
We're All In This Together
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