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Default Tell It Like It Is

Originally Posted by MizzyMuffling View Post
For some reason I'm not worried at all... color me extra stupid but he's in his 27th year of incarceration and he's got a great support system with his family and me and he seems solid and smart and able. But I know this could all change once out but then I think his support system is right there with him like the last 27 years and me like the last 5 years and he'll be fine. He has a PhD, he's on his second book, his Mom & Dad are tigers and I'm just plain stubborn and old
He won't be falling hard as in financial but I believe he will need extensive therapy and help, he missed more than a quarter century on the outside, he needs to deal with the "shock" of it all.
I promised him to be there to support him, I don't have expectations towards him like marriage but I do want to see him naked
Ha! Ha! I like that "I want to see him naked". Tell it like it is MizzyMuffling. He's blessed to have a good woman like you in his life.
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