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I will write him tonight. Haven't heard from him in a week. Usually it's once, if not twice a day. I know he was getting frustrated a couple weeks ago with two small lock downs. He had his parole hearing on the first and we are waiting, but it's super stressful for both of us. I've never gone through this before so I'm learning as I go. It's hard not to take it personally though when you just don't know for sure what's going on. I asked him some pretty tough questions the last email a week ago, and although they are tough, I just don't see him not picking up the phone if he can. We met while he has been incarcerated, and although he says he's not married he wears rings on both ring fingers. He's never asked for money or anything else in the last year and a half, only that I pick up the phone and has gotten irrated when I've gone a couple of weeks without doing so. He has depression and two attempted suicides, so leaves me pretty concerned. I wish someone would just post if they've gotten ahold of their SO in the last week. So frustrated
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