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Originally Posted by SStreet4 View Post
Good morning,

My LO was just transferred to a work release center so I can try to answer some of your questions. I will say that every facility is different so what is true for me may not be true for whatever facility your LO ends up at.

Yes, he can have a cell. Our facility only allows flip phones on prepaid plans. I had to buy a new phone and send it in with the package unactivated. I understand some facilities allow smart phones.

Our facility is a contract facility, so no more securus. In fact, they took his tablet upon arrival. so no more music, movies or emails.

He can call any number once they release his cell phone to him. You can call and text him. The tough part is waiting for them to release the phone since they don't have payphones he can use in the meantime.

we were told the best way to give him money is to drop it off at the center and get a receipt. funds sent by JPAY will take 6-8 weeks to be processed.

At our facility you just had to be on the visiting list. It was a lot different set up. they don't have a canteen at this facility and only two working vending machines. tables were outside and a very small room inside. My understanding is because most folks just do furloughs instead of visiting.

Hope this helps.
Who activates the phone for them?
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