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Originally Posted by Ricoluv29 View Post
I think it could potentially go well. If the new director really does follow rebranding as the Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry.
Having more CO's in other facilities could bring actual programs. They already lowered the age requirement for COs and are letting them work before completing training. Moving established staff seems logical to me.
This may be an approach to lower the incarceration rates.
I've noticed more people talking about there people getting notice of them getting out 3 months before there release date too. So its possible they are getting people out sooner to make room.
I'm not sure lowering the age to be a CO or allowing them to work without completing training can equal to anything good. It's bad enough that so many CO's think they are Gods... the last thing they need is to go younger AND let them deal with inmates without proper training.
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