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Originally Posted by mykygal View Post
Hello all -

Just checking in to see if anyone has posted recently and how everyone is. Hope everyone is healthy and doing well. Sure miss hearing from each of you. Maybe one day when we can arrange for us to meet with our crazy schedules and have a g2g.
I am doing fine and staying busy even though I am supposedly "retired".

Take care and I will check back in to see if anyone has posted. Patchouli and Sass, I hope you still have my phone number. It hasn't changed. If you don't and you want it, private message me.
Hey There!! I'm so glad you posted I don't get in here unless there's a new post .......and your post just reminded me that Kentucky need a new Bluegrass Cafe 2018 Chit Chat thread Sorry about that

Yes, we do need a g2g. Its been waaaaay too long I'll take a look at a calendar...April should be a good month, warmer weather and well past the Ides of March

Busy and retired, sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? LOL I'm retired too, and I'm thinking about going back to work. Just something part time, 15 hours a week. That would give me a little extra money and get me out & about, meeting new people. I've been in this county for 3 years and still don't really know more than 2-3 people, and none of them too well.

You still "helping out" at a health food store?

Take care & I hope to see ya soon!!!

patchouli, PTO Admin