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Default Finding post conviction relief in TEXAS

My friend is in Tdcj for. 3 oz of meth firstvshe was charged with a Manufacturing and delivery charge in Mineral wells texas then they upgraded it to organized crime .. Her very first charge for anything not even a speeding ticket.. She was indicted with 9 other people that she had nothing to do texts mo phone records nothing people that gave false statements had more past charges got less time.. They gave her 35 yrs if she had not signed for that they were going to give her 60.. She was represented by a court appointed attorney that she spent all of 20 minutes with.. She paid an attorney he ran off with her money... Does anybody have any suggestions i have tried EVERYTHING.. Innocence project.. Law schools .etc.. And does any body know the credibility of NPLA NATIONAL PROFFESIONAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION.. THEY SAY THEY CAN GET HER OUT..
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