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Angry Help! New to all of this, son just moved to Sterling. Need info.

My son was just recently convicted of i don't know what. But, 20 yr sentence and just moved to Sterling from Arapahoe County.

I have no clue how to find out where he is located in Sterling, his convictions, how to reach him.

Like I said, I am so new to this. His father and I have no relationship, and he has hide this from me for almost a year. My son was in the military and recently got out and moved to Co. From there I have no idea what happened.

I've reached out to his father to only receive information I already found out on my own "Yeah he's in Jail in Colorado"

I really would like to find out more information, is there somewhere that I can get that?

How is Sterling? Like a stupid person I have googled and watched a documentary of it. Which only worsened my fears for him, and his safety.

Please help this mother with a little piece of mind, anything at this point would be better then what I have.

Thank you!
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