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Something to (sadly) bear in mind, Level 4 and Level 1 facilities get the short end of programming. CDC cites safety issues 99% of the time regarding 4s. There are good self-help programs and he may have to get into some that don't earn credits while he is waiting to get into the ones that do. Prop 57 increased the number of folks who want a seat but the availability of seats didn't rise with that demand.

He will have to be the one to make that happen, though, as counselors don't do the legwork. As soon as he hits his home yard after reception, he'll see who is programming and who isn't and that will be his key to getting into them. If he's done time before, he knows how it works.

Family Visiting also took a hit this last year after they opened it up to more inmates. Most facilities try to schedule dates every three months, but it depends heavily on how many inmates qualify at that time and if their FV coordinator is on the ball. For some inmates it's also a matter of waiting until they qualify based on the time and classification. Those things will be dependent on his charges and conduct inside.

I know it all sounds negative, I'm not trying to be a downer. Just want you to know the less than ideal side so you're not blindsided if it happens to y'all.
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