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One example of excused misconduct: Charles Sebesta was the DA in the case against Anthony Graves. Mr. Graves served something like 18 years on death row being falsely convicted before the Texas Innocence Project (among others) stepped in and investigated the case and won his freedom back. Mr. Sebesta withheld evidence that would have proven his innocence during the original trial and he also threatened the person who was set to testify that Mr. Graves was not the murderer, but instead with them at the time, right before they testified, causing them to flee the court house (he made her think she was going to be charged and locked up as well) and thereby not testify.

After all that time on death row, Mr. Graves received compensation from the state of Texas, although no amount of compensation could ever make up for all he lost in that time. No punishment came to Mr. Sebesta. Texas Monthly did an article on the Anthony Graves story, and while I don't have a link to it, I'm sure you can find plenty about the whole story online if interested.
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