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Originally Posted by CenTexLyn View Post
The DA is NOT in the room with the 12 who sat in the box and heard the evidence in a felony trial...and if someone does not like the offer given prior to trial (presuming there WAS an offer), then it is those 12 in the box making the decision...

And I dare say that I have seen MUCH more of the practices Statewide than most...not only in courtrooms (in both large and small Counties) and the appellate processes that may follow, but also inside the facilities and inside the decisioning-process once someone has been convicted and was being considered for a release.

I do find it ironic that you claim you would "never, EVER" sit on a jury despite the fact that doing so would be YOUR opportunity to impact at least that one particular case...

I will never sit on a jury again because I HAVE seen both sides and I now know that a jury does not have all the facts. I would be distressed that I was making a decision on less than all the facts. And, again, I'm sorry but the DA can, and does, affect the sentence. No, he may not be able to dole it out, but he can "advise" the court of what he would like. I'm not saying this is how it happens everywhere. As I said before, this just happens to be my own personal experience. Not enough justice....too much politics. In our case anyway.
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