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Originally Posted by rlwhitmore View Post
I will never sit on a jury again because I HAVE seen both sides and I now know that a jury does not have all the facts. I would be distressed that I was making a decision on less than all the facts. And, again, I'm sorry but the DA can, and does, affect the sentence. No, he may not be able to dole it out, but he can "advise" the court of what he would like. I'm not saying this is how it happens everywhere. As I said before, this just happens to be my own personal experience. Not enough justice....too much politics. In our case anyway.
1) Few cases go to trial; most are pled out;
2) Defense counsel bears as much of a burden for what you claim is a short-coming in the way of information available to a jury if it is something that resulted in a finding of guilt;
3) Defense counsel ALSO gets to make a request as to punishment;
4) Defense counsel got to help write the very charge that went to the jury vis a vis the instructions from the Court prior to the jury retiring to deliberate on either guilt/innocence OR on the matter of punishment;
5) I re-urge my comment and opinion that isolated instances do not condemn an entire process.
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