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Originally Posted by RobinsMan View Post
That is correct. However, I think that it is not the system that is at issue in the referenced article. I think also that the article managed to succeed in making the point that this is not just an instance here and there. What is at issue is that there is substantial evidence that prosecutors are not simply derelict in their primary statutory duty which is "not to convict but to see justice done" but that they actively seek to avoid doing exactly that. They cite 91 cases but those are only the ones that are evident. How many might there be should DA's files be made public? How many secrete exist that will never see the light of day? I think the article sought to indict not our system if justice as a whole but the unethical officers of the court that infect that system and render it less than what it should be. Our justice system is only as good as the people that implement it. For 91 identifiable instances of prosecutorial misconduct I feel confident that there exists a DA's office that not only supports that conduct but teaches and breeds it as their modus operandi. Is it any surprise that an act of prosecutorial misconduct as despicable as the one detailed in that article comes out of the Wiliamson County DA's office? Williamson County is famous for being the most harsh in all of Texas and no DA compares to John Bradley for displaying obvious and outspoken contempt for all who he prosecutes. I, for one, am not surprised to find that that he is just as much - of not more - of a criminal than those he hates so much. Very typical for such a self rightous and arrogant bag of air. Those sons of bitches knew that man was innocent and sent him to prison anyway. I hope John Bradley ends up right where he belongs which is clenching his butt cheeks in a Texas prison.

Hahaha...very well said!
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