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Default What to do with supplies after a pet dies

Its still early, and Im still processing the passing of my dog. Long story but I ended up having to put him down. He was way to young to die but well, I had to.
(seizures, cluster type, then internal bleeding, anemia from that)

I have been mentally thinking of all the things we have.
Food (new but opened)

Flea treatment (liquid type)
I think I even still have one heartworm tab left.
Car blankets to protect seats
his chaise lounge (its a childs but I got him his own couch at a garage sale for 10 bucks)
4 different size dog beds

I dont know if the shelters would take them or not. I'll have to try to call later this week, I guess. They dont open until noon but think they are closed til wed.
I know the other meds I got I can take to the vets office to dispose of. I know they cant use those, but I want them out of my house.
Also have another unopened pill pocket and one other that is open.

And as much as I say I dont want another dog.....Im not gonna get rid of the dog door just yet. I dont know why, because I really dont want another dog.
No other dog will ever compare to Ricky. None. Its not like he's my first dog either. Ive had 5 animals prior. Most from puppyhood.
By far the most special of all of them, even tho I loved them all.
I thought about why that frisbee was getting bigger and bigger.........
then it hit me.

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