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Pffft NDOC wont fire the guy. They are probably so excited they are peeing themselves that they might get some action out of the inmates to fill their boring existence. Then they can whine about officer safety and how they need more funding for better equipment and such. Most likely its to try to squeeze the legislature for more money by showing how out of hand it is and that they need more officers and equipment to better prepare their staff (that they dont train) to combat inmate violence (since most of the inmates are in better shape than the officers) But I will get off my soap box about how poorly trained the officers are and how that is the reason we get these issues. After seeing the way they played down the jumpsuit issue, how they lied about WINGS and how they got the parole board to dump enough inmates paroles to get the place as overcrowded as possible....ect ect ect. We have camps they struggle to fill every year for fire season, they have plenty of DUI firt time offenders that finish the DUI camp and can go out on the 305 program, plenty of first time petty offenders (do we really need bad check writers taking up all this space I had 10 at one point on my caseload) ect ect There are plenty of reasons to get the prison populations down but like this issue, they take this and use it as bargaining to get more funding and to get more officers...even though they cant keep slots full as it is...This place just needs to be taken over by the feds.
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