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When my husband went to prison back in 2000 for a 3rd DWI, it was a 3 year sentence. He served 2 years of that, then was released to a HWH for about 6 months...then went home to his adoptive dad's house.

I'm under the impression (my observation of various cases I've seen on here, including my husband's) that it is less likely to Parole out on such a short sentence, but I'm not saying it isn't possible.

I'm sorry you're going thru this!! It's easier said by someone else, even though it's weird not having your loved one around...all in all the time goes by pretty quick, especially 1 or 2 years.
"We're all tough on crime, but we've got to be smart & that isn't necessarily 'Lock em up & throw away the key,' but providing programs & insight to do things differently than before." ~ Rep. Madden ; "It makes more sense to keep nonviolent offenders in community treatment centers - where they could get help, than to imprison them." ~ Sen. Whitmire

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