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Question CRC Visitation??

Anyone currently visiting a reception inmate at CRC? I am confused on the policys regarding the diff. between "approved visitor" and "tentavely approved visitor" The website states after an inmates first 8 days at CRC they are then permitted a visitor and that the visitor can print the visitor application from online and bring with them on their FIRST visit to be tentavely approved so long as their identity is verified. After the application process is completed you will then (if everything on application checks out) be an approved visitor from thereon out. This application process also pertains to putting $ on an inmates acct/books. However, when I call in they tell me that I will be turned away if not an approved visitor prior to the visit. That the information on the website is out dated although at the bottom of the web page it says it's last update was several days ago. How extremely frustrating that a government entity so inconsistent! And everytime I call I get a different answer on how this works. I am wondering if the diff. status between inmates like a "reception inmate" (short term), the status of the inmate I am trying to visit and, a "general population" inmate (long term)makes for all this confusion and the reason for the inconsistent answers I get from CRC officers and the info I am getting online.. does anyone have any recent first hand experience with visitation of a reception inmate at CRC?

thx so much! --mem

This is hardly an introduction so I apologize for posting this here!

Anyways, my bf is incarcerated at CRC in Orient, Ohio. He started his 2 yr prison term on January 8th. I am here to get the answers to questions that I would'nt have otherwise been able to get- even after millions of ph. calls & hours of web research. Thx for having me.

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