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Originally Posted by mssirois2u View Post
Just remember we're all here DAY or Night, even if you just need to talk, I'm always there for ya! Call anytime, I'd love to hear from you! It was so nice to just talk! Hugs
It was great to talk to you as well... It helped me to not feel alone.

For some first timers dealing specifically with Pott. County Jail:
The inmate cannot officially submit their visitation list until they have been inside for 7 days if they do submit it before then; it will not count & the people on the visitation list will not be able to submit their information for their background check until the inmate has resubmitted the visitation list. Once the visitation list has been properly submitted by the inmate on or after their 7th day, then the people on the visitation list can call & give the Jail their DL# & SS # for their background check. The background can take up to 72 hours but may not take that long.... The jail will call you back & approve you for a visit & set up a visitation appointment time. Once you have had your background checked; you will only have to call on Thursdays to set up a visitation time for Saturdays.

I hope this information helps anyone who has not had to deal with Pott. County because it is not exactly spelled out for you on the County jail website.

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