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Default Have some questions about BOP, Halfway House, Release Date, etc..

Gonna try to make this as short as possible.

Brother is in jail. He was in a local halfway house, broke the rules (got 3 300 level "shots") and got sent back to jail until it was time to find out if his sentenced was going to be increased or stay the same. The day that he was sent back to jail from the halfway house the BOP website changed from a release date of 03/03/05 to 07/03/05, prior to any statement from my brother or a hearing. The increase, which we figured out with help of this site was PROBABLY that they took away his 4 months of good time for going through the Fed Boot Camp. This is pure speculation though, as to me, it seems odd that the site would be updated that quickly, there was no way that a decision was made to increase time without getting a statement or conducting a simple hearing.

The hearing (basically a woman from the Cordova house taking a statement) took place the following Monday with the hearing results being faxed to the BOP later that day. My brother was told that he should know what's going to happen by the end of the week. It is now over three weeks since the date of the hearing with him not knowing anything.

How can I, he, or anyone find out some more information. I want to know when the date on the BOP website was changed. I want to know why there is a delay in getting my brother the results of the hearing and his incident reports. I figured it would be best to get a lawyer but of course, in the lovely nation, you need to be a millionaire to afford a lawyer for something like this.

Any help would be great.
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