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Originally Posted by Tmorris125 View Post
I do understand your furstration. I do not like seeing a person with the same charge serve less time than someone else with the same charge. I think that is so unfair. Does someone with a ten year sentence not get the possible review after a 1/3 of his time? Just wondering. Your letter was good but please dont punish those short timers. My son has been addicted to drugs since he was 15 yrs old. He has spent most of his teenage years in and out of rehabs. Now he is 23 years old and has spent over a year now because of his addiction in prison. Now he has no furture getting a job when he gets out. Hopefully he will not go back in that revolving door that you talk about.
Certain crimes in the state of GA (aggravated sexual battery, aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, armed robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder) do not have parole eligibility. The only exception being when someone is given a life sentence for one of them, then they will be parole eligible after 14 years... And actually, I think that has been increased to 30 years. If you plead guilty or are convicted of any one of these crimes, you will serve EVERY DAY of your sentence. Each also carries a mandatory minimum. For example armed robbery has a mandatory minimum of 10 years. Even if the judge thinks 5 years is sufficient, he still has to hand down at least a 10 year sentence. And although they carry mand. minimums, the Judge may still sentence the individual as he pleases, meaning that if he thinks the person should serve 20 years, then he can sentence him to 20 years and the inmate will not come up for parole, he will serve every day of that 20 year sentence.

This is one reason so many people take plea agreements for these crimes. They may get a longer sentence, but they also become parole eligible after they have served 1/3 of their time. The PB in GA has curved those individuals still from gaining early release by placing the crimes they often plea to, into a % bracket. For instance, a man is guilty of armed robbery. The DA decides to plead him down to the lesser included offense of robbery and the judge sentences him to 15 years. With armed robbery he would have sat in prison for 15 years. For robbery he will become parole eligible after 5 years. He will fall into the % bracket because of the robbery charge, but he is still able to get parole.

I hope this clarifies a bit for you... Sorry to ramble, but I find it all very interesting...

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