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Originally Posted by Luv0fHisLife View Post
Good morning, does anyone know who I contact on B yard for family visits?
Yes, the Family Visit coordinator is officer Allen - who is at processing every week-end. He is very nice. However, he can only help you if you already have started the application process. have you?

If you have not yet then: Your inmate must get the paperwork going.

1- He has to request a FV application blank form from counselor
2- He must fill it and send it to his counselor
3- Counselor will then verify his eligibility for FV (if he is a lifer or has had recent 115 or has a history of domestic abuse / rape / childabuse) then he cannot have FV period.
4- Counselor will sign off on application and send it to his Captain who then must also approve and sign (not sure what the criteria are here, probably current behavior and write ups recent history).

THEN - and only then - will the paperwork make it to CO Allen. he will then assign you a date and call you to let you know.I recommend following up on this when you see him at visit on week-ends.

5- Approximately 2 weeks prior to the visit date you are to order food from either wolkenhorst or Access secure pack. You can order the food online from wolkenhorst website. but you cannot order food online from Access. To order from Access, ask CO Allen to hand you the catalogue for FV ("menu"). You then call access on the phone and give them the list of the items you want. The food is shipped directly to the prison(they have the address, don't worry) and that is what you will be eating during your two days of visit. the apartments have a fridge although nothing in those packages requires refrigeration, since it's all prison / cell friendly food. There is a electric stove in units but frankly, not much to "cook" in those selections. It's mostly ready meals you just need to heat up (there is a microwave). They do provide dishwasher liquid and dishes and sauce pans etc.

6- You must bring only one bag with you and it has to be see through. You can bring your own beauty supplies (shampoo etc) but they must be poured in clear travel bottles. You cannot bring anythig electric, such as hair dryer, curling iron etc etc. You can bring razor to shave yoru legs though LOL. Go figure. No tweezers are allowed. You can bring regular clothes, even lingerie, and 10 condoms. They do provide sheets and towels. They do not provide stuff to shower with such as shampoo body lotion etc.

7- Your inmate can bring regular clothes to FV, so while having FV, he does not have to wear the blue typical outfit they always wear on week-end visits.

8- You can spend some time outside in the little fenced in yards, but only once the sun is up and never after 6PM.

9- If you want to watch the sunset together, you can watch it from the doorway: leave the door open and stand just inside the door and I was told it is allowed.

10- You have to step out for one count a day to make sure you are alive and well, I believe it is at 6PM. They will call every couple hours (or 1.5 hrs i can't remember) throughout the night and your inmate has to pick up the phone to confirm he still here LOL.

11- there is a primitive stereo system in the unit but you cannot bring CDs. Your inmate can bring either 2 or 5 CDs, depending on who you ask, you get different replies. I'd say aim for 5 and see how it goes .

MAKE SURE THE PHONE NUMBER YOU LISTED ON YOUR APPLICATION IS UP TO DATE cause they will call you to give you a date or to let you know there is a lockdown and FV have been cancelled etc.

I THINK THIS SUMS IT ALL. I did ask a lot of questions, to gather all the info everyone needs to understand how this all works. Hope this helps.

Hope all above leave a blueprint for future visitor on how to go about obtaining a FV at LAC.

Current wait time to get a date for visit (as of this posting) is a tad over 2 months from approval date. So if you were approved today you might get a FV date of 10/30/2013. That varies greatly of course depending on who else is trying to get a FV at the same time. First come first serve.

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