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Thanks for the info it was useful, cause I was just wondering about games today myself ... I think a lot is left to the discretion of the officer, because when I asked about bed sheets, they said they no longer allow them... So you'd better make sure that the bed sheets are approved by officer Allen himself, to be safe, ahead of time.

Here is an odd ball question: Can we bring paper and a pen to write with? To keep game score on etc... What about a bible or other religious books?

About sheets, I guess Ross Dress for less has some "cheap" ones... I got a full set of queen size purple sheets & pillows for under $20 there recently.

Next I would check Big Lots? Haven't been there in many many years, but it's a pretty large store, so maybe?

PS: Do the sheets need to be sealed, brand new in manufacturer packaging or can they be used?

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