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Originally Posted by jasonsgirl75 View Post
.The person who called me told me it would be a month before he goes to committee which does that mean it will be a month before he can call me??
OK Jasonsgirl75 here are a few updates. I spoke with visiting staff yesterday to get the freshest info I could for you:

1- It should not take him much more than a month to be processed into main line. I was told that the shorter and simpler his C-file (Central File), the sooner he would be seen by committee and processed. That usually it will not take longer than 4 weeks, regardless.

2- While in reception he cannot call you.

3- He can however receive your mail.

4- He can also receive visits. These will be one hour non contact visit and can only be once a week. Unlike general population inmates who can receive visits both sat and sun from the same person, reception inmates can only get them either sat OR sun. I assume this is because of the limited number of non contact cubicles available for visits... But I'm speculating. You know what? I'll ask next sat whether there are exception for family members coming from over 250 miles away and who have not visited in the last month. They do make exception for above, in regards to normal week-end visits for gen pop inmates. So maybe they also do for reception inmates, this is a good question and I will ask for you and post here.

5- Once approved to visit LAC, you will need to call to make your appointment, call plenty of time ahead:

•To schedule a non-contact visit, call (661) 729-2000, extension 5401, 5885, 5886, 5887, 5888, or 5889
•All non contact appointments can be made by calling the above extensions on either Thursdays or Fridays between the hours of 8AM and 12PM.
•You may also email: Mondays from 6AM to 12PM to book your non contact apt.

6- Lancaster/Palmdale area has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants, places to stay, things to do, entertainment etc. Despite the harsh temps (very HOT in summer months - June thru end of Sept - and pretty COLD and windy the rest of the time) you will enjoy your time spent there. I know this area now like the back of my hand so if you need pointers, feel free to ask. It would be best to have your own transportation, but there is a bus stop right in front of the prison entrance gate, which is very convenient.

7- Once your incarcerated loved one is in mainline he will be able to call you HOWEVER you must have yourself setup with GTL. I recommend you start this process right away, in case it takes time for them to approve you. GTL is the company licensed by LAC to provide outgoing phone lines to the LAC inmate. GTL services many of CA prisons, so you may already be set-up with them. You will still need to call them to inform them he has been transferred so they can adjust your incoming call clearance in their system. If you have never used GTL before then you also need to call them to get set-up, they will walk you thru the process.

If you do not have an account with GTL or have other account questions, please contact our customer service department. Monday - Friday
7:00AM to 11:00PM, CT
Saturday and Sunday
8:00AM to 7:00PM, CT
at 1-800-231-0193. Answers to many common questions are available through our automated customer service system. By simply entering your 10-digit telephone number, you will hear information relevant to your issue, and will be directed to the party best able to help you.

GTL website =

7- Please PM us so we can send you the brand new, detailed LAC VISITING - STEP BY STEP guide. It's a pdf file download we will email you.

GOOD LUCK! Hope all the above helps.