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Default Need info regarding mishandled u.a./Updated

My brother is in a Texas prison. We are from South Dakota and has never been out of South Dakota until his trip to Texas where he was arrested for evasion (running from an officer). He was given 5 yrs. He has been there since October of 2016.
He has been a model prisoner and obtained a job within the prison. Two weeks ago he along with a man due to be released in 3 weeks had failed a u.a. for k2. My brother had not been using k2 and asked to retest. They wouldn't let him retake the u.a.
He went to court with no co counsel (a woman had talked to him last week however he did not know it was his co counsel because all she did was inform him of his court date -she did not identify herself as his co counsel).
With all of this he has lost his job, been charged with the ua, been moved from his dorm, been classified as a g4, no contact visits for a year, is being transferred to a medium facility. The worst thing about all of this is that he is being told that this will effect his parole in December. All he has been trying to do is come home. Why is this happening?
Who do I turn to in order to get his some assistance in appealing this?

Thank You
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