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Originally Posted by CenTexLyn View Post
Counsel substitutes are known on each unit and the handbook makes relatively clear that is the person who is handling the major cases. If he wants to claim he did not know who that person in free-world clothes was then he is 1) lying or 2) tacitly admitting that he chose to not only not pay attention during the initial orientation that each unit does or he chose not to read the rules and regulations provided to him (or both).

There is no right to re-testing and there is also no right to private testing of the sample. The unit disciplinary will be conducted based on a simple screen that is not sent out for GCMS confirmation. If he has an extra $10-15K laying around AND was eligible for mandatory supervision, then there might be avenues of relief through the habeas courts but that relief will not be had for a few years just because of the time it takes to process a case from procuring counsel to the writ being filed to the Court of Criminal Appeals acting upon the writ.
Thank you for information however he is not lying when it comes to the co counsel situation. Is he supposed to automatically be accustomed to a texas prison? He does not who all people 'walking around in free-world clothes are. And he did not tactically admit that he chose not to pay attention. The bottom line here is the fact that he had all of his witness statements and his boss' statements ready to present to his co counsel. The person who spoke to him briefly did not identify herself as co counsel as I explained in my thread. She only gave him a court date. They pushed this through their prison court within a couple of days. I am not here to defend whether or not he lied. I am here looking for information as to what he can do inside the prison to rectify this. We already know about an attorney and will hire one if it has to come to this but I was hoping there was something more we could do from within. As of now with the information given it looks as if we will hire the attorney to help us. Your 10-15k was a little high. We were quoted quite a bit less by two different attorneys.
I appreciate your reply but wasn't looking for people to be accusing him of lying and etc. He is new to texas, much less this crooked system that they have and of course is naive about many things.
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