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Unfortunately there are very few ways to fight internal disciplinary. In Texas or anywhere else. Your brother isn't quite new having been there a year and a half. I'm not saying that he's innocent or guilty, but guys in prison know what's up. Trust me, I understand the feeling of need to help a loved one in prison...but there's often far more to the story than what we're told by the inmate. The system IS corrupt and there are many mistakes made...but after over a year your brother should have settled in and become accustom to how things are done.

Your brother is the one who needs to be making a paper trail of appeals and complaints. You aren't an attorney and there's nothing you personally can do about it. Of course, you can hire an attorney, but they will not be able to do anything for quite some time...possibly even longer than it would take for him to be granted parole anyway.

CenTexLyn was sharing their experience over a career in Texas legal system. You'll find many different opinions here. Best advice is to take what is useful and helpful and ignore the rest.
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