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Try to calm down. Its very difficult to deal with this, especially Im sure due to her pregnancy/complications. This would be very troubling to me as well.
It sounds like she has tried to do what she needs, but Im not familiar with how Conn prisons work. If its anything like how CA does it, medical is just very very difficult to get what you need. She will likely need to fill out some sort of paperwork requesting to see medical.
Why the hell did they do this to someone with medical issues who is pregnant. They could have waited til she had the baby.
anyway, I digress.

The best thing for her to do, is read all the paperwork she was given. Try and take care of herself as best she can. And TRY to RELAX. Try to keep calm. Not good for her or the baby to be so upset.

Its true. Prisons do not care. (I know thats a general statement but its true)
I really hope you can get a visit. Be sure to have her send you a form (thats how they work it in CA. Inmate sends you the form for approval after they sign it. Fill it out and hope for the best.
Im sorry for your situation. Hang in there dad.
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