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Default Son got date for release to Halfway many questions

My son is in Jasper and will be released to a HWH in El Paso! This is approximately 4-1/2 hours from where he will live. We were hoping for Odessa, since we live in Midland, but it was not meant to be!

I have tried to find info on what to expect, but all info I can find is about 10 years old!

1) Will he know when he gets there how long he has to stay?
2) Is there anything he can do to get home faster?
3) Some things I have read said he has to pay $25% of his paycheck to them...any truth to that?
4) I have also read if they save up $500 they can leave earlier?
5) Is visitation allowed?
6) He thought after some point he might get weekend furloughs?
7) I assume he will be getting a job to pay for this? (In a town where he knows nobody and has no plans to stay once he can leave. He has a job waiting for him when he gets back to Midland.)
8) If he gets a job in El Paso, what do they do for transportation?
9) Any idea how long the "average" stay is?
10) From what I have read, albeit "old news" the HWH in El Paso is full of actively using drug users!

Any info, advice, suggestions, etc?

Thanks in advance!!
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