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He can leave as soon as he has approved address. There's no time limit on how long he has to stay. 25% does not go into effect until he gets a job. The only way that they can leave the halfway house is by way of a bus or a van that takes him into town. He's going through a place it's called Horizon City I think it's about 10-15 miles outside of El Paso. I've never been there but I've heard quite a bit to talk about it if he's trying to get back home to Midland all he has to do is to give an approved address your parole officer there and all they have to do is confirm it. Generally speaking they don't want him there any longer than they have to be. Unless there's some kind of stipulation it states you can't come back home to you then I can't see why he wouldn't be able to come home it might be that is for all plan was botched for some kind of reason before he gets out. He doesn't have to have any money saved up to be able to get out all he has to have is an approved address. Yes there are drugs there but I really wouldn't worry about all that right now just try and get him home
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