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Default 60 Day Lockdown

Originally Posted by WestTXMom View Post
Well, he made it to El Paso. Was supposed to be released on the 25th and he and another guy stood out in front of the prison waiting on their ride. The greyhound bus ride was cancelled due to the Covid 19 outbreak, so someone from El Paso was sent to pick them up. He was given the wrong prison to go to, so they had to go back inside, take off their street clothes, put their prison attire back on and wait until the next day!!

They were picked up the next morning at 8:00 and taken to the local Brookshire's to Western Union...which didn't have enough money to give my son the money I sent, so he wasn't able to pick up his cash!! What the heck? How can a Western Union not have $200?

Finally got to El Paso at 11:30 that night and found out he HAS to spend 60 days there. He MAY can shave 4 days off of that, but that's it. He has already secured a position as his counselor's "Coordinator" so that will give him something to do.

I am having to order him clothes, hygiene products, etc. from or Amazon since they aren't allowed to go out to the store at this time.

He seems to be doing good, he likes his counselor, the guys he is in the program with, and most of all...he is OUT of TDCJ! Once he gets my Venmo card so he can get some snacks, he will be super happy!!
Wow and so, they're locked down for 60 days or rather, he cannot leave for 60 days, huh? That's a first. Still, with the Corona Virus being what it is, at least he got out. A lot of strange stuff happening just now and it goes without saying that there are many men and women in prison right now who in all probability are experiencing an over abundance of anxiety and fear to do with getting out just now.
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