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Originally Posted by Firebrand View Post
Wow and so, they're locked down for 60 days or rather, he cannot leave for 60 days, huh? That's a first. Still, with the Corona Virus being what it is, at least he got out. A lot of strange stuff happening just now and it goes without saying that there are many men and women in prison right now who in all probability are experiencing an over abundance of anxiety and fear to do with getting out just now.
He had been there 4 days when the news broke that a guy in the same building, but in another dorm, had been hospitalized with Covid19. He is back at the halfway house now in isolation and the rest of the guys in that dorm have to stay locked down in their dorm. So...they are all pretty much stuck in their dorms. He is lucky and has access to the outdoors where the basketball court is.

We are close to halfway through before he's finally home!!
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