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Originally Posted by WestTXMom View Post
He called me 2 days ago that I could come pick him up on Memorial Day! He was hoping to get out the 4 days early they had talked about, but I'm fine with Memorial Day....I took the next Tuesday and Wednesday off of work to get him settled and get whatever he needs.

Then....he got word this morning that he does actually get to leave 4 days early, so that will be Thursday, the 21st at 7:30 I booked a room in El Paso, since it's over a 4 hour drive for me so I could be there when he walks out. Changed my days off to Thursday and Friday instead and took off half a day Wednesday to make the drive!

He called me when I was getting off this afternoon and told me the officer there told him he HAS to ride the Greyhound bus home because they already purchased his ticket. It didn't matter that I had already booked a hotel.

So frustrating, but Thank The LORD we are almost done with this! One week from yesterday and he will be home!!
Such great news! You guys will be together for the holiday! Have a great homecoming.
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