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(general disclaimer-- I live on the border and this is a highly personal subject for me)

I know that they were wanting our local LEO to essentially act as ICE agents. If they arrested (not convicted, and that may be some of the confusion) someone suspected to be undocumented, they wanted them to treat them as immigration detainees. Our LEO isn't here for that. That's not their job. We've got CPB and ICE crawling all over, if they want to detain someone let them do it on their budget.

ICE has also been using court dates to issue detainment orders. Literally sitting on the court steps. Keep in mind not all persons appearing in court are doing so because they're charged with a criminal (let alone felonious) act.

As far as pulling federal funds because local LEO is refusing to take orders from an outside agency-- that's not how it works. Our constitution protects that process.

"The concept of a sanctuary city does not mean it is a place where federal law is unenforced by the feds. Rather, it is a place where local authorities have elected not to spend their tax dollars helping the feds to enforce federal law. The term “sanctuary city” is not a legal term but a political one."

"Can the feds withhold federal funds from cities that refuse to cooperate in the enforcement of federal law? Yes and no. In the post-World War II era, Congress began purchasing state compliance with its wishes in areas that the Constitution did not permit it to regulate. Stated differently, since Congress can spend money on any matter it wishes, as long as it is arguably for the general welfare, but it cannot regulate for the general welfare, it has used its power of the purse as a way around the constitutional limitations on its regulatory powers."


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