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Originally Posted by future.mrsjones View Post
can you please tell me how you got the wedding package through PM so i know ill get it lol
Your fiance will need to get the ball rolling. He needs to write to his warden and ask permission to marry, then (if warden gives permission) go to the chaplain and fill out some paperwork. He'll need to send you some paperwork that the chaplain gives him. When all that is done, then you wait for the date. Usually the prison chaplains have something worked out with the Probate office that will allow you to get the license without your man being with you. Go to the Probate Office the day before your wedding. If you try to get the license the day of your wedding, your timing might be off and you'll have to wait some more (a month or more) to get another wedding date. This happened to me and it was a little over a month for us to marry. Good luck and congrats.

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