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Default Where is the line between understanding addiction and enabling?

I figured I'd open this since we all got off track on the other thread.
I have a lot of compassion/sympathy for people facing prison time. My son did 17+ for selling that horrible drug 'marijuana' so I understand wanting to run from stupid sentences. I'm also lucky i never killed someone or myself driving drunk.
There was some talk about enabling, condoning bad behavior because some are more understanding then the next person but where is the line for responsibility? I know when i was drinking i had pity parties. When joe was locked up i had real big pity parties of how unfair the laws were ... I was also a real bitch learning about BoP and dealing with his incarceration. That war on drugs law and being made an example almost did me in along with my son.
So I'm not trying to open up an argument here but we all suffer from somethingso when do you draw the line ? When do you tell someone you've put up with their addiction long enough and they need to figure it out on their own. Personally, it took everyone turning their back on me and me facing the question 'do I want to die?' for me to crawl back out of the bottle. If anyone had shown me sympathy I'd have continued. Most of us at the round table of AA agree on this. We're alcoholic's/addicts. We lie, we cheat, we manipulate to keep practicing in our addictions. I just wanted some other opinions to see if I'm to strong in my belief peoplehave to want help.
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